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Member NameMember TypeCompany TypeDetails
Alwyn RodriguesLife Member HospitalityView
Joseph Bonaventure RodriguesLife Member Oursourcing, HR consultancy, Placements, TrainingView
Edward Walter MenezesLife Member Chemicals, Dyes & PaintsView
Schubert Joseph VazLife Member OthersView
Henry D'silvaLife Member Tours & TravelsView
Gilbert BaptistLife Member Retail Showroom, shops and establishmentsView
Praveen LoboLife Member Textile & GarmentsView
Fredrick .N.MirandaLife Member Information TechnologyView
Leslie Hyacinth FrankLife Member Information TechnologyView
Wency FernandesLife Member PharmaceuticalsView
Levi RodriguesLife Member Interior Designing & LanscapingView
Victor John D'SouzaLife Member Electrical ContractorView
Henry Joseph D'souzaLife Member EntertainmentView
Pius FernandesLife Member Office EquipmentsView
Francis D'AlmedaLife Member EntertainmentView
Anand CastelinoLife Member EngineeringView
Antony SequeiraLife Member Share BrokersView
Laurenco Herics PintoLife Member TransportView
Raymond Suresh RodriguesLife Member HospitalityView
Samuel KarkadaLife Member HospitalityView
Mr. Norbert MendoncaLife Member Clearing & ForwardingView
Charles .D'souzaLife Member EngineeringView
Thomas CastelinoLife Member EngineeringView
John MathiasLife Member Refrigeration & AirconditioningView
Russell Francis D'melloLife Member EngineeringView
T. C. MathewLife Member Electrical ContractorView
Frederick G. MendoncaLife Member FinanceView
Anthony RasquinhaLife Member EngineeringView
Joseph RodriguesLife Member Trading, Distribution, Sales and service View
Stalin. E. SomanLife Member OthersView
Joseph Peter SequeiraLife Member PharmaceuticalsView
Joseph E. MenezesLife Member Finance, Insurance and Investment AdvisorsView
Ronnie V. GoveasLife Member Clearing & ForwardingView
George W. D'SouzaLife Member Information TechnologyView
Walter John VazLife Member HospitalityView
J AlmeidaLife Member OthersView
Louis MendoncaLife Member Trading, Distribution, Sales and service View
Don M. LewisLife Member Real Estate Agents & Property ConsultantsView
Maxim Rosario LoboLife Member EngineeringView
Clinton Maxim LoboLife Member EngineeringView
Cyril William RodriguesLife Member EngineeringView
John P. Rosario LoboLife Member EngineeringView
Julius Benedict BraganzaLife Member EntertainmentView
Lawrence ViegasLife Member Office EquipmentsView
Bennett Walter ButhelloLife Member TransportView
Thomas D'SouzaLife Member EngineeringView
A. KamalasanLife Member EngineeringView
Mathew MammenLife Member PharmaceuticalsView
I.J.B. D'SouzaLife Member OthersView
Pradeep Lawrence RodriguesLife Member EngineeringView